All Indian nationals subscribing to the aims and objectives of the society shall be eligible for membership. Persons seeking membership will have to apply by filling the prescribed application form. After approval, the requisite membership fee will be charged as per the rates prevailing at that time. The official year of the society shall be from 1st January to 31st December.

Academicians, scholars and scientists of national and international repute occupying seats of learning or management may be offered full-fledged membership by the executive council. The membership fee in such cases shall not be charged. Nomination of honorary members shall be made by the executive council and the number of honorary members shall not exceed 5% of the total membership at any time. An honorary member shall receive the journal and other publications of the society. Only members of the society shall be entitled to vote or hold any office of the society. Educational institutions such as universities, colleges and research organizations will be registered as subscribers on payment of prescribed fee prevailing at that time, which will entitle them to secure Indian Journal of Plant Physiology.

Membership Indian (Rs.) Foreign (US$)
 Ordinary  2500.00  75
 Life  12000.00  550
 Corporate  40000.00  1000
 Print* + Online  5500  275
 Print only*  3500  180
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